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Why Small Business Websites Die a Slow and Painful Death

If you’ve ever had a website created for your business, this may sound familiar.

The Problem with Traditional Web Design

It costs. A lot.

There’s a lot of money spent up front for a traditional web site.

All your eggs are in the basket before anything even hatches. As new discoveries are made along the way, new features are requested.

New features = New costs.

A lot of people think it’s like paying for a car in full. Versus a monthly payment.


It takes forever.

There’s a lot of potential for delays when a full-scale site is done.

People become perfectionists: both clients and agencies. Everything becomes important with nothing left out.

So, the launch date gets pushed back a bit. Then a bit more. Until finally, it’s two months past when it was supposed to be ‘done.’

Which might be OK, but…

It’s kind of terrifying.

Now you have your site.

Sure, it costed you more, took longer, and is a bit inaccurate. But your customers will love it…right?

Traditional web design uses the best guess of a buyer’s journey. It’s built on assumptions.

Especially if there’s no existing site. There’s no history of how users are using your site to make it the most effective as possible.

It ultimately goes stale.

Ahhh, you just launched your new website. What a relief.

Except now, your business goals have shifted. Maybe there’s a new trend you want to highlight.

Maybe there’s a new trend you want to highlight? Maybe you have a new product line or service you want to focus on?

With traditional web design launching, it’s hard to keep the bullseye steady to keep up a small business.

What is a business to do?!

Thankfully, there’s a better way to bring your business up to speed.

Welcome to Growth Driven Design

(what in the world is that?)

Growth Driven Design is a refreshing, lower cost approach to web design that focuses on converting leads into customers, from the very start.

How Does It Work?


Set smart goals, understand user behavior, solve design problems, and connect with customers.

Launch Pad Site

A Launchpad site focuses on prioritized improvements to launch sooner and get results faster.

Continuous Improvement

As your business grows and evolves, data-driven optimizations result in a peak performance website.

Traditional Web Design

Growth Driven Design

The Benefits of Growth Driven Design

The cost is spread out.

Paying each month allows you to see a better ROI. by having the site up and continually refined according to how your customers and prospects are using it.

By having the site up and continually refined according to how your customers and prospects are using it.

Not having a huge upfront cost saves your budget and puts tensions at ease.

Up and running faster.

Your Launch Pad site can be launched within a month.

This means you’re getting leads, customers, and feedback quicker than ever.

Getting to see what you paid for. Fast.

A breath of fresh air for most clients used to long delivery times.

Starts with important, urgent items.

Any good to-do list prioritizes. That’s exactly what we do to your most critical business areas.

We divide up what areas have the most impact and conquer those website pages first for maximum effect on your business.

Continual improvements keep things focused.

Our improvements to the site are based on data, not assumptions.

The Continous Improvement Cycle keeps the site fresh, focused, and continually improving your bottom line.

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